Welcome to IMC Investment & Management
Consulting GmbH & Co. KG

IMC was founded in 1989 by Henning J. Claassen after the sale of his "Meltex Group of Companies". The purpose of IMC is to invest and provide management and consulting services.

The Founder

Henning J. Claassen
born 1944 in Lüneburg / D

– Middle School, Lüneburg / D
– High School, Glendale, CA / USA
– Business Management Trainee, Hamburg / D
– Economics / Psychology-Studies, Los Angeles, CA / USA

– Assistant Manager / tires
– Product Manager / adhesives
– Export Manager / office machines
– Managing Director / industrial valves

– Founder and Managing Director of MELTEX-Group

– Founder and Managing Director of Claassen Holding-Group

– Founder and CEO of Impreglon AG

– President and CEO of Impreglon SE

– Founder and Managing Director of IMC

– Honorary Citizens of the City of Lüneburg (April 2017)

The History

Start of the Meltex Group of Companies with the following major companies:
– MELTEX GmbH, Lüneburg
– Meltex Corporation, Atlanta / USA
– Meltex Packaging GmbH, Lüneburg
– HJC Engineering, Lüneburg
– Itec Sensor-Messtechnik GmbH
Sale of the MELTEX-Group of Companies
Start of the Claassen Holding Group with the following major companies:
– Impreglon AG, Lüneburg
– Bergström Hotels GmbH, Lüneburg
– Ciscom GmbH, Lüneburg
– CMC Hotelausstattungen GmbH, Lüneburg
– Direct Leasing GmbH, Lüneburg
Founding of the aid initiative "Schützt die Opfer e.V."
Sale of CMC Hotelausstattungen GmbH
Sale of Ciscom GmbH
Sale of Direct Leasing GmbH
Listing of Impreglon Shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Opening of the Hotel "Altes Kaufhaus" in Lüneburg
Sale of Impreglon SE with EUR 150 MM in revenue and 37 plants in 15 countries to Aalberts Industries B.V.
Opening of the bakery "die Backstube" in Lüneburg
Opening of the 4-star-superior hotel "Parkhotel de Wiemsel" in Ootmarsum/NL
Opening of the restaurant "Forsthaus Rote Schleuse" in Lüneburg
Lease of the hotels and restaurants in Lüneburg to Dormero Hotel AG
Opening of the "Kunstgalerie Parkhotel de Wiemsel"
Sale of the hotel properties in Lüneburg
Expansion of the 4-star superior hotel "Parkhotel de Wiemsel" in Ootmarsum/NL

The Corporate Goals

The Customer

The customer always comes first.
He places his trust in us and pays for our service.
His satisfaction ensures our future.

The Employee

Employees with a sense of involvement and the will to achieve are the basis of our success. Each employee should have a chance to develop as an individual and be rewarded in line with his contribution to the company's success.

The Service

We supply products and services of the highest quality for the hospitality industry. Experienced management teams and an excellent performance history are best guarantees for our customers.

The Quality

The quality of service is a crucial factor in achieving customer satisfaction. In order to secure our success we need long-term customer relationships based on first class service.

The Product

Our goal is to supply top quality only in the hospitality industry. Each of our employees is requested to play an active part in the continuous improvement of our products and services.

The Environment

We are in favour of environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes. We support projects to improve the quality of our environment. A healthy and pleasant working environment for our employees plays an important part in our business philosophy.

The Structure

Contact Information

IMC Investment & Management Consulting GmbH & Co. KG
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Tel +49 (0) 4131 2260060
Fax +49 (0) 4131 2260069